In February 2009, Canadian Heritage announced the creation of the Canada Periodical Fund (CPF), a new, combined funding program for newspapers and magazines that replaced the Publications Assistance Program.

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the CPF program.

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What is the Publications Assistance Progam?

The Publications Assistance Program (PAP) was a postal subsidy program provided by the Department of Canadian Heritage to eligible Canadian magazines and non-daily newspapers mailed in Canada for delivery in Canada. The aim of the program was to ensure Canadians throughout Canada have access to magazines and non-daily newspapers from across the country. In 2008-2009, the program provided support to over 1130 publications circulating over 200 million copies.

What is the Canada Periodical Fund?

The Canada Periodical Fund is a new subsidy program for community newspapers and magazines. The total funding envelope for the program is $75.5 million, which is the combined total of the two programs that it replaced. Under the new program there will be new eligibility criteria,funding formulas, and funding opportunities for periodical publishers.

What is different about the Canada Periodical Fund?

The biggest difference is that the Canada Periodical Fund is not tied exclusively to mail distribution, due in part to an earlier decision by Canada Post to withdraw its annual $15-million contribution to the program. In order to maintain the total envelope, the Government of Canada committed to replacing that contribution for two years

This means that copies distributed by other means can be included in the calculation for funding.

If Canada Post is no longer involved,what will happen to my postage bill?

After the Canada Periodical Fund launched,participants began receiving payments directly from the Fund. Participants saw higher postage costs but are able to use the fund payment to help defray those costs.

When did the new program start?

The Canada Periodical Fund is launched in April 2010.

Who can apply?

Paid-circulation non-daily newspapers and paid- or non-paid request-circulation magazines are eligible for the Canada Periodical Fund.

How do I apply?

CCNA members should bookmark this page and check back often to view the latest developments fromCPF. Newspapers Canada will also distribute these details to members as they become available.

What other types of funding are available?

Canadian Heritage officials are looking at ways to support business innovation through the Canada Periodical Fund. Industry initiatives will also be eligible. More details are available at

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the Canada Periodical Fund, please contact Eileen Barak, Newspapers Canada Director of Government Relations, at