Newspapers Canada Marketing Research

In order to highlight our research on the newspaper industry and advertising effectiveness in newspapers, Newspapers Canada has created a series of one-page PDFs for download. These fact sheets and infographics showcase the strength of Canadian newspapers and the impact of newspaper advertising.

Some of our most popular research pieces include: Newspapers Work—Strength of Canadian Newspapers, Twenty Tweetable Truths about Newspapers, Shopping Habits of Rural vs. Urban Canadians, Community Newspaper Snapshot and much more.

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ComBase – Community Newspaper Readership

ComBase is the principal readership research conducted on behalf of the community newspaper industry in Canada.

The study provides market-by-market information to assist in the buying and selling of community newspaper advertising space.

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For more information, please contact:
Kelly Levson
Director of Research/ComBase General Manager

NADbank – Daily Newspaper Readership

NADbank (Newspaper Audience Databank) is the principal research arm of the Canadian daily newspaper industry.

NADbank designs and conducts research in Canadian urban markets to provide cost effective and accurate in-depth marketing information for its members to assist in the buying and selling of daily newspaper advertising in Canada.

NADbank is a tri-partite organization comprised of newspapers, advertising agencies/media buying companies and advertiser members.

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