Tentative plan set in motion for Quebec’s $24 million digital transition project for newspapers

July 26, 2017

The QCNA met with le Ministère de la Culture et des Communications Quebec on June 20, 2017 regarding the disbursement of the province’s budgeted $24 million to Quebec newspapers for a transition to digital platforms by 2022.

The $24 million is to be spread out over five years, and will be distributed through le Ministère de la Culture et des Communications. Tentatively, each newspaper in the QCNA may make its own application to le Ministère de la Culture et des Communications, based on the department’s criteria and eligibility, which has yet to be determined, beginning with applications for a project needs analysis study, followed by a second application based on implementing the project. The first round of applications is tentatively scheduled for September 2017.

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Update: Newspaper industry voluntary self-regulation

July 25, 2014

In a memo to Newspapers Canada members, CEO John Hinds provides an update on the state of the newspaper industry voluntary self-regulation.

As you will know, in 2012, Newspapers Canada asked Ryerson University School of Journalism to conduct a review of Canada’s Press Councils. Press Councils, established by the newspaper industry decades ago as a regionalized model of self-regulation, have been faltering with a loss of membership and regional coverage. This was also at the same time the Leveson Inquiry report in Great Britain was recommending a significant intrusion of government regulation of the industry there.

The Ryerson report was unsettling. Its findings suggest that, in the near future, there would only remain two functioning Press Councils in Canada: Quebec and Ontario. The report authors suggested folding the province-based regional Press Councils and establishing a National Council should be considered.  Newspapers Canada invited Press Councils in Canada to respond to the Ryerson report and subsequently brought existing Press Council representatives together to discuss a go forward strategy. (The Press Council in Quebec is a unique and distinct situation where the Council receives government funding and Quebec did not participate in these discussions).

Council reps from B.C., Alberta, Ontario and the Atlantic region attended and, while there was not unanimity, a consensus to explore a National Council model emerged. In February of this year, Newspapers Canada received a report from the participating Press Councils setting out what a National Council model could look like. At our meeting in Charlottetown on May 30, there was significant expressed support to proceed with canvassing the membership of Newspapers Canada regarding support for the national model.

You will find below for your consideration an outline of the proposed model and a possible dues structure, based on full membership support. Newspapers Canada will soon follow up with ownership groups and the community newspaper associations to gauge support to establish a new National Press Council in early 2015. The transition from a province-based model to a national model has been fully endorsed by press councils in Ontario, Atlantic region (N.B., N.S. and P.E.I.) and in British Columbia. Manitoba and Saskatchewan do not have press councils at this time.

If approved, the folding of regional Press Council’s will involve the legal wrap up of operations, notice to employees and a disposition of assets. Councils will only proceed with these actions if a sustainable national model is to be established. To be sustainable, it will require a considerable show of support and intent by our membership in the National Council.

Please indicate if you will support this proposal before August 22. If you require additional information, please contact me.

Newspapers Canada has offered to provide back office and administrative support for a National Council, to be located within the existing offices of Newspapers Canada. A number of newspaper groups and publishers have already expressed their intent to support and join a National Press Council, once it is established.

John Hinds
President and CEO, Newspapers Canada


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2014 Newspapers Atlantic Better Newspapers Competition Winners

June 2, 2014

Newspapers Atlantic announced the winners of the 2014 Better Newspapers Competition on Friday, May 30 during the Newspapers Canada Ink & Beyond annual conference in Charlottetown. Congratulations to all the finalists!

Download a copy of the 2014 Awards Booklet in PDF here (26.5MB)


Best Advertising Program
Penny McDonald – Lunenburg Queens County Lighthouse Log
Steve Tanner – Lunenburg Queens County Lighthouse Log
Mondella Winsor – Grand Falls Windsor Advertiser – Winner

Best Cartoon
Ted Michener – St. Stephen Saint Croix Courier – Winner

Barb Moxom – Enfield Weekly Press
Christopher Peet – Grand Falls-Windsor Advertiser

Best Christmas Issue
Enfield Weekly Press
Montague Eastern Graphic – Winner
Yarmouth County Vanguard

Best Circulation Promotion
Enfield Weekly Press
Gander Beacon
Montague Eastern Graphic – Winner

Best Community Service
Montague Eastern Graphic
St. Stephen Saint Croix Courier – Winner
Yarmouth County Vanguard

Best Feature Photo
Aimee Alden – Windsor Hants Journal
Rudy Norman – Springdale Nor-wester
Adam Randell – St. Anthony Northern Pen – Winner

Best Feature Series
Tina Comeau – Yarmouth County Vanguard
Staff – Kentville Kings County Advertiser
Shawn Hayward – Clarenville Packet – Winner

Best Feature Story
Shawn Hayward – Clarenville Packet
Christopher Vaughan – Stephenville Georgian – Winner
Tammy Scott Wallace – Sussex Kings County Record

Best General Interest Column
Laurent d’Entremont, Kentville King’s County Advertiser
Len MacDonald – Antigonish Casket
Vernon Oickle – Lunenburg County Progress Bulletin – Winner

Best Graphically Designed Ad
Debbie Dow – St. Stephen Saint Crox Courier
Vicki Hines – Lunenburg Queens County Lighthouse Log – Winner
Danielle Shreenan – Enfield Weekly Press

Best In House Promotion
Lunenburg County Progress Bulletin – Winner

Pictou Advocate
Truro Hub Now

Best Investigative Story
Shawn Hayward – Clarenville Packet
Jennifer Hoegg – Kentville Kings County Advertiser
Paul MacNeill – Montague Eastern Graphic – Winner

Best Local Editorial
Greg Bennett – Shelburne County Coast Guard – Winner

Melissa Jenkins – Carbonear Compass
Lawrence Powell – Annapolis County Spectator

Best National Editorial
Shawn Hayward – Clarenville Packet
Paul MacNeill – Montague Eastern Graphic
Lawrence Powell – Annapolis County Spectator – Winner

Best News Photo
Vern Faulkner – St. Stephen Saint Croix Courier Weekend
Byron Hillier – Labrador City Aurora
Bonnie Learning – Happy Valley Goose Bay Labradorian – Winner

Best News Story
Kathy Bockus – St. Stephen Saint Croix Courier – Winner

Katie Tower – Sackville Tribune Post
Amy Woolvett, Greg Bennett, Kathy Johnson – Shelburne County Coast Guard

Best Original Advertising Idea
Jordan Normore – Sackville Tribune Post
Sharon Riley – Montague Eastern Graphic – Winner
Sharon Robinson – Amherst News

Best Overall Ad
Gail Flaherty  – St. Stephen Saint Croix Courier
Wayne Foote – Kentville Kings County Register
Penny McDonald – Lunenburg Lighthouse Log – Winner

Best Page Design
Christy Boyd – Lewisporte Pilot
Jennifer Hoegg – Kentville Kings County Advertiser
Jennifer Vardy Little – Kentville Kings County Advertiser – Winner

Best Photo Essay
Carole Morris-Underhill – Windsor Hants Journal
Adam Randell – St. Anthony Northern Pen – Winner
Brittany W. Verge – Liverpool Queens County Advance

Best Red Lobster
Staff – St Stephen Saint Croix Courier
Staff – Lunenburg Queens County Lighthouse Log – Winner

Best Resources Story
Jennifer Bishop – Bathurst Northern Light
Jeff Elliott – St. Anthony Northern Pen – Winner
Paula Levy – Lunenberg County Progress Bulletin

Best Small Ad
Heather Cunningham – St. Stephen Saint Croix Courier
Penny McDonald – Lunenburg Queens County Lighthouse Log
Dave Roberts – Antigonish Casket – Winner

Best Special Section
Barbara Dean-Simmons, Chris Ballard, Kevin Cuiley, Shawn Hayward – Clarenville Packet
Staff – Sackville Tribune Post
Staff – Saint Croix Courier Weekend – Winner

Best Specialty Column
Laura Churchill Duke – Kentville Kings County Advertiser
Trevor Donald – Sackville Tribune Post
Craig Welsh – Clarenville Packet – Winner

Best Sports Photo
Christy Boyd – Lewisporte Pilot – Winner

Fred Hatfield – Yarmouth County Vanguard
Nicholas Mercer – Carbonear Compass

Best Sports Story or Feature
Vern Faulkner – St. Stephen Saint Croix Courier
Andrea Gunn – Grand Falls Windsor Advertiser
Ashley Thompson – Windsor Hants Journal – Winner

Best Website
Antigonish Casket
Kentville Kings County Register & Advertiser – Winner
Lunenburg County Progress Bulletin


Class 1
Digby Courier
Labrador City Aurora
Port Hawkesbury Reporter – Winner

Class 2
Cumberland County Citizen-Record
Pictou Advocate
Sackville Tribune Post – Winner

Class 3
Lunenburg County Progress Bulletin
Sussex Kings County Record – Winner
Woodstock Bugle Observer

Outstanding Journalist Award
Tina Comeau – Yarmouth County Vanguard
Jennifer Hoegg – Kentville Kings County Advertiser and Register
Tammy Scott-Wallace – Sussex Kings County Record – Winner

Outstanding Photographer Award
Tina Comeau – Yarmouth County Vanguard – Winner

Fred Hatfield – Yarmouth County Vanguard
Carole Morris-Underhill – Windsor Hants Journal

Outstanding Salesperson Award
Laura Thompson – Enfield Weekly Press – Winner


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2013 Lifetime Achievement Award Winners – Rick and Anne Cluett

May 13, 2013

Port Hawkesbury, Cape Breton is a place where big news happens.

In the past 30 years the hardscrabble town that is bordered by the counties of Richmond, Inverness, Guysborough and Antigonish has seen more than its fair share of heartache.

Industries have come and gone. There was the heavy water plant and gypsum plant, call centres, and a continuing cloud that has hung over the pulp mill, the anchor of the local economy. There were fly-by-nighters who promised a better future but only delivered unfulfilled pipe dreams.

And these don’t begin to account for the local political scandals that made provincial and national headlines.

Our honourees tonight have enjoyed a front row seat to the boom, bust and bankruptcy roller coaster that all too often has dominated their front pages.

It’s a damn good thing Rick and Anne Cluett have an upbeat perspective on life, because the unpredictability of the Strait Area economy would drive many a weaker couple to greener pastures.

Perhaps they knew they were already in greener pastures.

The Strait Area is their home. They at home with its rolling hills, rugged coastlines, scrappy and optimistic people and strong Scottish traditions.

A native of Port Hawkesbury, Rick started his working career as a lab technician at the pulp mill then called Nova Scotia Forest Industries.

Anne Cluett grew up in Arisaig, a tiny spot at the end of the road outside Antigonish. Her first media job was working in the traffic department for CJFX Radio.

In 1972 she joined the sales department at The Scotia Sun, then owned by her brother Marcie. Three years later Rick left his secure mill job to become Sales Manager at the Sun.

Forty years on, they are still a dynamic duo producing compelling, award-winning papers. Over the years their efforts have earned several dozen regional and national awards including multiple General Excellence Awards.

In 1985 they took perhaps the biggest risk of their career, leaving The Scotia Sun for the upstart Port Hawkesbury Reporter and its new owner Bruce Murray of Advocate Publishing. Rick became publisher, Anne Sales Manager.

The media environment in the Strait Area was as competitive as any in Canada. The Sun and The Reporter went head-to-head every week, vying to beat the other with the next great industrial scoop. There was the Inverness Oran, a powerhouse of local content up the road. Local radio stations in Antigonish and Port Hawkesbury and a local presence by two dailies.

The Reporter earned its chops at investigative journalism and The Cluett’s always supported the focus of the editorial department despite the often precarious state of the local economy.

The strategy proved a winner.  In 1992 Advocate purchased The Sun and the future looked promising. But less than a year later old hell broke loose with news that the pulp mill was targeted for closure.

Rick and Anne organized a special section focusing on all aspects of the crisis. It was a massive success and may be partially responsible for the decision by the mill’s board of directors not to close but rather invest in a massive modernization.

Prior to the meeting and its high stakes decision, copies of the Reporter’s special section was distributed to the board of directors by none other than the President of Stora Forest Industries. The mill was saved, modernized and hummed along…until last year when once again it was targeted for closure and once again escaped the chopping block.

Such is the reality of life and publishing in The Strait Area.

Together Rick and Anne have raised three children: Sarah, Jenny and Allan.  They are the proud grandparents of three.

And tonight we are honoured to recognize Rick and Anne Cluett with Newspapers Atlantic Lifetime Achievement Award.








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2013 Newspapers Atlantic Better Newspapers Competition

May 6, 2013

Newspaper publishers and staff from across Atlantic Canada will come together on Saturday, May 11 to honour the very best in the community newspaper industry at the 2013 Better Newspapers Competition awards gala.

Held in conjunction with Newspapers Atlantic’s 41st annual conference, the annual awards gala is hosted by Eastlink Television’s Scott Squires.

Click here for a list of finalists

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Mike Lipkin will keynote the 41st annual Newspapers Atlantic conference.

May 5, 2013

Mike Lipkin is president of Environics/Lipkin, the Motivation Company in the Environics Research Group — one of Canada’s leading research houses.

He is also one of Canada’s preeminent speakers. Last year, he delivered 120 seminars to more than 100 000 people in 19 countries.

His mission is to give people the insights that inspire them into powerful action.

The distinctions that he has gathered from talking to a million people in forty-three countries since July 1993, combined with the insights from the celebrated Environics Social Values research, is how he offers his clients the best of all worlds: a powerful blend of ideas and principles that help them achieve amazing results.

Mike’s clients include Deloitte, Pfizer, DHL, GE, Wells Fargo, Abbott, Novartis, Enbridge, Nissan, Canada Goose, Merck, Tata Communications, NSK, Astra Zeneca, Wal-Mart, Starwood Hotels, and Procter & Gamble.

In line with his philosophy that life is theatre with consequences, Mike promises to inspire, educate, and entertain.


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Newspapers Atlantic to host annual conference in Halifax on May 10-11

April 13, 2013

On May 10-11, 2013, Newspapers Atlantic will host its 41st annual newspaper conference at the Marriott Harbourfront Hotel in Halifax. Delegates from community newspapers will congregate in the provincial capital to enjoy two full days of inspiring speakers, educational workshops, networking opportunities and award presentations. The 2013 conference program will include keynote speaker Mike Lipkin, sessions designed for editorial, advertising, and management and the Better Newspaper Competition Awards.

Click here for more information »

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Atlantic Canadian CCNA Winners 2013

March 27, 2013

Atlantic Canada is well represented on the national stage once again. Newspapers Canada is honoured to recognize the winners of the 2013 Canadian Community Newspaper Awards. The annual awards program features 33 unique categories honouring outstanding editorial, photography, multimedia and overall excellence in community newspaper publishing.

The 2013 competition saw over 250 non-daily publications from coast-to-coast submit 2,222 entries representing their best work from 2012. This year’s new category for News Feature Photography received 110 entries.

Congratulations to all the Atlantic Canadian winners!


Best Front Page

2 – Vanguard, Yarmouth, NS

3 – Kings County Register, Kentville, NS


Class 2011 – Best News Story, circulation up to 3999

2 – Jackie Jardine, The Advocate, Pictou, NS

3 – Nancy Kelly, Kings County Advertiser, Kentville, NS


Class 2012 – Best News Story, circulation 4000 to 12499

3 – Lisa Brown, The Lunenburg County Progress Bulletin, Lunenburg, NS


Class 2021 – Best Feature Story, circulation up to 3999

2 – Sue Hickey, The Advertiser, Grand Falls-Windsor, NL

3 – Tammy Scott-Wallace, Kings County Record, Sussex, NB


Class 2041 – Outstanding Columnist, circulation open

3 – Vern Faulkner, Courier Weekend, St. Stephen, NB


Class 2071 – Best Local Editorial, circulation up to 3999

2 – Vern Faulkner, The Saint Croix Courier, St. Stephen, NB


Class 2072 – Best Local Editorial, circulation 4000 to 12499

1 – Vernon Oickle, The Lunenburg County Progress Bulletin, Lunenburg, NS

2 – Cindy Chant, West Prince Graphic, Alberton, PE


Class 2101 – Best Local Cartoon, circulation up to 9999

2 – Ted Michener, Courier Weekend, St. Stephen, NB


Class 2132 – Best Feature Photo, circulation 4000 to 12499

3 – Maggie Pippy, The Packet, Clarenville, NL


Class 2141 – Best Sports Photo, circulation up to 3999

2 – Jamie Roach, Kings County Record, Sussex, NB


Class 2152 – Best Photo Essay, circulation 4000 to 12499

3 – Robert Hirtle, The Lunenburg County Progress Bulletin, Lunenburg, NS


Class 2211 – Outstanding Community Service, circulation up to 9999

2 – The Lunenburg County Progress Bulletin, Lunenburg, NS


Class 2222 – Best Holiday Edition, circulation 4000 to 12499

1 – The Lunenburg County Progress Bulletin, Lunenburg, NS

2 – The Casket, Antigonish, NS


Class 2241 – Best Sports Coverage, circulation up to 3999

1 – The Saint Croix Courier, St. Stephen, NB

3 – The Beacon, Gander, NL


Class 2261 – Best Web Site, circulation up to 3999

3 – The Beacon, Gander, NL


Class 2262 – Best Web Site, circulation 4000 to 12499

3 – The Packet, Clarenville, NL


Class 2271 – Best Multimedia Feature, circulation up to 9999

2 – Vanguard, Yarmouth, NS

3 – The Packet, Clarenville, NL


Class 2311 – Best Canadian Forces Base Newspaper, circulation open

3 – Aurora Newspaper, CFB Greenwood, NS


Class 3021 – Excellence in Rural Reporting, circulation open

1 – Vern Faulkner, Courier Weekend, St. Stephen, NB

2 – Carole Morris-Underhill and Ashley Thompson, Hants Journal, Windsor, NS


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OCNA releases Media Guide

February 22, 2013

The Ontario Community Newspapers Association is pleased to release its Media Guide, the most comprehensive and inclusive report that we can determine has ever been produced for our industry. The association developed it as an educational tool are handy resource for its member newspapers.

Knowledge is king as the contents of this Media Guide will help to protect you and your newspaper, as well as your readers and your advertisers, from concerns and legal issues in your articles and advertisements. The 24 Advertising Chapters provide useful links to the regulations and laws governing each topic to allow you to access current information and understand why you cannot publish certain things. You may wish to select a chapter to review with your team during your weekly sales meetings.

The Editorial Chapters were prepared by Media Lawyers Stuart Robertson and Douglas Richardson of the Toronto firm O’Donnell, Robertson & Sanfilippo. OCNA is grateful for their passion and commitment to our industry.

The Media Guide is saved as a PDF document and is 54 pages. You can turn on the Bookmarks feature to quickly access specific chapters (Under View, Show/Hide, Navigation, Bookmarks). Should you choose to save it to your computer, we encourage you to please refer to the online version from time to time at http://www.ocna.org/filebrowser/ocna_programs_services as the Media Guide as it will be updated and new topics added as needed. Also please let us know if links are no longer active or if you would like to see other topics included.

Please note: This Media Guide is not a legal document, rather it is intended for information and referral purposes only. When dealing with matters for publication in your own newspapers, always refer to the most recent version of the associated guidelines or laws and seek the advice of your lawyer for interpretation.

Here is what you will find inside:
Editorial Chapters
Requirements for copyright Protection
Uses by Newspapers of Copyright Material
Term of Copyright Protection
What NOT to Do When Gathering Material for Your Reporting
Court Reporting
Contempt of Court
Adult Courts
Youth Courts
Youths and Provincial Offence
Reporting on Child Welfare Proceedings
Preparing your report for publication
Third Party Content
Your special rights to correct errors
Protecting your special rights
Libel Suit
Advertising Chapters
Advertising Alerts
Copyright in Advertising
Tobacco Advertising
Alcohol Advertising
Municipal Government Advertising
Major Sporting Franchises
Reproducing Money
Mortgages, Loans and Financial Services
Advertising of Taxes
Auto Advertising
Promotional Contests
Gambling, including Online
Hides and Antlers
Multi-level Marketing
Satellite Dish Advertising
Employment Advertising
Surrogate Mothers
Sale of Firearms
Sale of Cemetery Plots
Identity Theft
Misleading Ads

OCNA Media Guide_2013

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