Newspapers Atlantic is a non-profit membership organization that represents 40 newspapers with a combined circulation of more than 187,600 newspapers in Atlantic Canada.

By working with industry stakeholders, Newspapers Atlantic provides relevant services to all members, while increasing the profile and effectiveness of the newspaper industry in Atlantic Canada.


To build vibrant local media.

Mission Statement

Newspapers Atlantic is dedicated to the excellence, credibility and economic well being of its members through advocacy, leadership, education and communication.


The fundamental, guiding principles and beliefs of Newspapers Atlantic are:

  • Advocacy – Newspapers Atlantic aims to influence – internally and externally – for the betterment of the industry.
  • Leadership – Newspapers Atlantic works to deliver a unified approach, leading the Atlantic Canadian industry forward.
  • Education – working to build capacity from the base up, Newspapers Atlantic recognizes industry svensk spelsajt excellence, strives for relevance and provides learning opportunities to readers, advertisers, members and employees.
  • Sustainability – Newspapers Atlantic works to ensure the ongoing relevance of the industry, in order to generate financial profitability and to better serve our communities.
  • Adaptability – Newspapers Atlantic is flexible and adaptable to the ever changing needs of our communities and the world around us.