Tentative plan set in motion for Quebec’s $24 million digital transition project for newspapers

July 26, 2017

The QCNA met with le Ministère de la Culture et des Communications Quebec on June 20, 2017 regarding the disbursement of the province’s budgeted $24 million to Quebec newspapers for a transition to digital platforms by 2022.

The $24 million is to be spread out over five years, and will be distributed through le Ministère de la Culture et des Communications. Tentatively, each newspaper in the QCNA may make its own application to le Ministère de la Culture et des Communications, based on the department’s criteria and eligibility, which has yet to be determined, beginning with applications for a project needs analysis study, followed by a second application based on implementing the project. The first round of applications is tentatively scheduled for September 2017.


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