September 2015

Leading Effective Meetings Training Course

September 29, 2015




Building capacity for more meaningful and productive meetings can increase engagement, unleash creative problem solving and get to action quickly. All of these are essential elements for individuals and organizations to be able to collaboratively navigate the uncertainty of change.

Newspapers Atlantic, in collaboration with change leader Tim Merry, has developed a five-part online training course designed for individuals who regularly host meetings within their organization. The training program is open to all newspaper staff, however there will be a maximum of 30 participants per course to enable useful conversation on the training platform.


UnknownTim Merry

Tim Merry has been supporting diverse stakeholders to come together to launch, sustain and grow innovative initiatives for over 14 years. He has extensive experience, ranging from major international businesses and government agencies to local communities and regional collaboratives.

All of his work is rooted in the belief that if we create the right conditions people will organize together and solve their own problems. Tim designs, delivers and trains tailor made processes where stakeholder voice is key to creating the systems, structures and services that meet the needs of all involved.  To learn more about Tim’s work see


Snapshot+2009-11-12+19-51-27Tuesday Ryan-Hart

A host/facilitator who left the fields of traditional service provision and academics to become a new kind of community change-maker, Tuesday partners with community builders around the world.

Trained as a psychotherapist, with a BA in Individual/Family Studies and a Master’s in Social Work, Tuesday is an expert in transformational work, specializing in helping individuals, community non-profits, governmental agencies, and organizations of all sizes undergo the changes that will help them grow and become more successful. To learn more about Tuesday’s work go to


Leading Effective Meetings
A five-part interactive online course with Tuesday Ryan-Hart and Tim Merry

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Why is how we meet important?
Chaordic Lenses – navigating change through how we meet and work together.
DATE: Wednesday, October 14th 1-2 pm AST 12-1 pm EST.

How can we prepare and design a good meeting?
Chaordic Stepping Stones – the essential steps for effective meeting planning.
DATE: Wednesday, October 28th 1-2 pm AST 12-1 pm EST .

What are the essentials of leading a good meeting?
Divergent Convergent – the non-negotiables and methods to deliver an effective meeting.
DATE: Wednesday, November 4th 1-2 pm AST 12-1 pm EST.

Open kiosk for questions
After session 3 participants are tasked to apply what they are learning and bring questions to session 4.
DATE: Tuesday, November 17th 1-2 pm AST 12-1 pm EST.

How do we embed a culture of good meetings into our work and workplace?
Collaborative Advantage – embedding a culture of collaboration
DATE: Wednesday November 25th 1-2 pm AST 12-1 pm EST.

Cost: Members $250 + HST. Non-Members: $300 + HST.

All participants receive access to four videos, five interactive online training sessions and a downloadable booklet with the models and content covered during the course.

If you are interested in registering for a training course, please contact Mike Kierstead, 902-402-3777.

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Government Advertising in Community Newspapers

September 1, 2015

The Government of Canada spent $75,213,380 on advertising (media and production) in 2013-2014. Advertising in community newspapers (*excluding Official Language, Ethnic and Aboriginal publications) accounted for just $867,153. On average this results in annual federal government spending of $1,021 in each of Canada’s 849 local community newspapers*.

In the 2013-2014 fiscal year the majority of government advertising dollars (46%) were once again spent on television. The two media that saw significantly increased spending were the Internet (+30%) and Radio (+82%).

The government should and must communicate the programs and services it provides directly to citizens and get the best value for the taxpayer’s money. However, the way in which it chooses to advertise says a lot about what media it values, and why. TV and Internet ads work to build brand, not to inform. Community newspapers generate debate and serve as a forum for discussion.

Newspapers Canada has prepared a report designed to provide publishers with information on the issues regarding government advertising spending.

View the Newspapers Canada Report on Government Advertising in Community Newspapers 

Publishers are encouraged to help make our collective voice heard by educating the public with a Opinion/Editorial piece. Feel free to use the sample piece below as is  or write your own using the sample as a guide. Please make sure to customize where highlighted with your local market information.

View a sample Opinion/Editorial piece below:

Publishers are also encouraged to contact their MPs and local candidates to share the information in the Fact Sheets below.

Additional information regarding Government of Canada Advertising can be found at the links below.

For questions or more information contact Kelly Levson, Director of Research at

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