February 2013

OCNA releases Media Guide

February 22, 2013

The Ontario Community Newspapers Association is pleased to release its Media Guide, the most comprehensive and inclusive report that we can determine has ever been produced for our industry. The association developed it as an educational tool are handy resource for its member newspapers.

Knowledge is king as the contents of this Media Guide will help to protect you and your newspaper, as well as your readers and your advertisers, from concerns and legal issues in your articles and advertisements. The 24 Advertising Chapters provide useful links to the regulations and laws governing each topic to allow you to access current information and understand why you cannot publish certain things. You may wish to select a chapter to review with your team during your weekly sales meetings.

The Editorial Chapters were prepared by Media Lawyers Stuart Robertson and Douglas Richardson of the Toronto firm O’Donnell, Robertson & Sanfilippo. OCNA is grateful for their passion and commitment to our industry.

The Media Guide is saved as a PDF document and is 54 pages. You can turn on the Bookmarks feature to quickly access specific chapters (Under View, Show/Hide, Navigation, Bookmarks). Should you choose to save it to your computer, we encourage you to please refer to the online version from time to time at http://www.ocna.org/filebrowser/ocna_programs_services as the Media Guide as it will be updated and new topics added as needed. Also please let us know if links are no longer active or if you would like to see other topics included.

Please note: This Media Guide is not a legal document, rather it is intended for information and referral purposes only. When dealing with matters for publication in your own newspapers, always refer to the most recent version of the associated guidelines or laws and seek the advice of your lawyer for interpretation.

Here is what you will find inside:
Editorial Chapters
Requirements for copyright Protection
Uses by Newspapers of Copyright Material
Term of Copyright Protection
What NOT to Do When Gathering Material for Your Reporting
Court Reporting
Contempt of Court
Adult Courts
Youth Courts
Youths and Provincial Offence
Reporting on Child Welfare Proceedings
Preparing your report for publication
Third Party Content
Your special rights to correct errors
Protecting your special rights
Libel Suit
Advertising Chapters
Advertising Alerts
Copyright in Advertising
Tobacco Advertising
Alcohol Advertising
Municipal Government Advertising
Major Sporting Franchises
Reproducing Money
Mortgages, Loans and Financial Services
Advertising of Taxes
Auto Advertising
Promotional Contests
Gambling, including Online
Hides and Antlers
Multi-level Marketing
Satellite Dish Advertising
Employment Advertising
Surrogate Mothers
Sale of Firearms
Sale of Cemetery Plots
Identity Theft
Misleading Ads

OCNA Media Guide_2013

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OCNA launches new Digital Media Study for community newspapers

February 20, 2013

The Ontario Community Newspapers Association (OCNA) has released a new Digital Media Study concerned with community newspaper publishing in Canada and the United States. The report identifies various ways in which independent community newspapers can achieve significant growth in their online advertising revenues. The study also includes a best practices overview in the areas of contests, couponing and co-op advertising, as well as a digital dashboard to assist community newspapers measure their progress in growing their digital ventures

The Digital Media Study, which was conducted by Borrell Associates and partially funded by the Collective Initiatives program at Canadian Heritage, is the first phase in a two phase project being undertaken by the OCNA. Data from the study will utilized by the association in the development of the second phase – the creation of a website template that will be offered to OCNA member newspapers

Andrew Martin, who coordinated the study, will be making a presentation on the study results at OCNA’s Spring Convention on March 22.

Click the links below to view the OCNA Digital Media Study materials

A French version of the study is available on request.

For more information, please contact Anne Lannan, executive director for OCNA and AdReach, ata.lannan@ocna.org or 905-639-8720 ext 228.

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Newspapers Canada partners with Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities to launch new writing competition

February 8, 2013

Newspapers Canada and Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities are pleased to announce the launch of a new partnership and charitable writing competition for Canadian journalists. Staff writers at daily and non-daily newspapers are invited to enter the Jumpstart Awards for a chance to win a community grant worth up to $5,000 to donate to their local Jumpstart chapter.

The writing contest will promote the charitable mission of Canadian Tire Jumpstart and showcase the strength of Canadian newspapers in communities across the country. “Newspapers play an important communication role in telling real stories about the Jumpstart program from a human interest perspective,” said John Hinds, Chief Executive Officer of Newspapers Canada. “This is why we feel this partnership is a perfect fit.”

Both English and French-language writers are encouraged to enter the contest by submitting published articles that highlight how the national charitable program is making a difference in their local community. As part of the partnership agreement, Newspapers Canada will assist writers by providing editorial resources—including information about Canadian Tire Jumpstart, its activities, and story leads—on its website and through its Community Content distribution service. Twelve winning submissions will be selected and each writer will be awarded a grant of up to $5,000 to donate to the Jumpstart chapter covered in their story.

“This is an exciting partnership we have begun with Newspapers Canada and we look forward to working together and seeing all of the great articles that will be submitted,” said Johnny Misley, President of Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities. “We know this partnership will go a long way in helping to educate Canadians about the invaluable impact that Jumpstart is making in their communities.”

To learn more about the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Awards, please visitwww.newspaperscanada.ca/programs/jumpstart-awards

For more information, please contact:

Alexandra Wildman
Canadian Tire Jumpstart

Tina Ongkeko
Newspapers Canada

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