July 2011

Newspaper Training Made Easy!

July 19, 2011

Video shooting skills, research tips, advertising sales advice and page design are just some of the diverse topics Newspapers Canada will cover in the 2011-2012 online training season.

This year’s webinar series features 17 educational presentations including repeats of our popular sessions on FOI requests and legal issues. Newspapers and individuals can purchase an annual subscription package for the complete series or register for individual sessions.

Click the links below to learn more about Newspapers Canada’s webinar training:

FAQs about webinars
2011-2012 schedule
Webinar registration page
Webinar Archive

For information about the Newspapers Canada webinar series please contact: Susan Down, sdown@newspaperscanada.ca.


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For retailers, print and digital make best coupon strategy

July 19, 2011

The print flyer is still a powerful promotional tool according to the latest Major Market Retail Report released by KubasPrimedia.

The 2011 report surveyed over 1,500 Canadian consumers on their shopping habits and found that, when looking to flyers for product information, 23% use print exclusively, 6% will only use e-flyers and 56% of consumers use a combination of both digital and print.

In an interview with Media in Canada, KubasPrimedia executive vice president, Ed Strapagiel noted that retailers should use e-flyers in conjunction with print promotions in order to achieve the best results. “While the cost savings may be very tempting, cutting back print flyer distribution because you have an e-flyer is a risky proposition. It’s the print flyer that is used most and what drives the effectiveness of the medium,” he said.

The report also reveals that only about 25% of consumers are looking to social networking sites and blogs for product information. “Twitter and Facebook have been heavily hyped in advertising and promotion circles…(however) MMRR shows that retailers and product manufacturers who are relying on social media to sway consumer purchase decisions may be misguided,” says Strapagiel.

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Next CSP Training August 24-26 in Moncton, NB

July 12, 2011

next CSP training session is scheduled for August 24-26 in Moncton, New
Brunswick. The $2,000 cost of the training is covered for members of
Newspapers Atlantic. Seating is limited, please contact Mike at
Newspapers Atlantic for registration details. Email:
mike@newspapersatlantic.ca, phone: 1-877-842-4480.

Certified Sales Professional Designation – The Recognized Standard for Sales Excellence

The CPSA Sales Association (www.cpsa.com) is committed to excellence in the sales profession by maintaining progressive competency standards for sales professionals. The CPSA Sales Institute mission is to enhance the value and credibility of the sales profession through professional standards and certification. They are the only organization in Canada offering the Certified Sales Professional (CSP) designation.

Why Become a CSP?

Validate your expertise, Reap the tangible rewards of a positive attitude, Bolster your professional image and Feel the pride and recognition associated with being one of the best. Gain the competitive edge – become a Certified Sales Professional (CSP)

CSP – When these three letters follow your name, they pack a powerful message:

•   Customers and colleagues know they are dealing with a knowledgeable professional.
•   Employers know you have solid selling skills and the credentials to prove it.
•   You know you have reached a level of achievement of which you can be proud.??

Gain the competitive edge – become a Certified Sales Professional (CSP)

Program Outline

•  3 day face-to-face customized CPSA Professional Selling Program
•   Intense, interactive and energizing group learning on key topics related to:
•  The Selling Process
•  Keeping Customers and Building Business
•  Understanding and Managing Yourself
•  Team building and peer support
•  Learning focused on the Canadian Sales Institute’s 14 Key Sales Competencies
•  Individual coaching by CSP-certified instructors
•  Test for certification for the nationally recognized designation of CSP
•  One-year free membership in CPSA

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Peter Gzowski Life Literacy Fellowship

July 5, 2011

Attention All Journalists! The Peter Gzowski Life Literacy Fellowship was developed to generate public awareness of adult literacy in Canada by providing one journalist with a financial contribution of $3,000 to research and develop a story on adult literacy in Canada. The fellowship follows in the tradition of The Peter Gzowski Literacy Award of Merit (PGLAM) which was founded by ABC Life Literacy Canada in 1993 in honour of the late veteran broadcaster and literacy advocate Peter Gzowski.

The winner of the 2010 Peter Gzowski Life Literacy Fellowship was Susan Quinlan of the Prairie Post West Newspaper. Susan was awarded The Peter Gzowski Life Literacy Fellowship for her editorial proposal about the growing Low German Mennonite community in southern Alberta, and its struggles to access literacy courses. Her story was featured across Alberta in March 2011.

ABC is currently accepting submissions for the Fellowship.

Click here to learn more and submit your story idea.

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